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Fundamental analysis

People who enjoy trading on Forex count on fundamental analysis when dealing with the stock market. The Forex fundamental analyst will identify and measure the different factors to determine the intrinsic value of a financial instrument. These instruments include the general economic and political environment, and it also includes the affect of the supply and demand for the important product or service. When looking at the fundamental analysis it is important to notice when the demand remains the same, but there is decrease in supply. This means there will be an increase in the price or the cost of the product or service. When the there is an increase in supply and the demand remains the same, there is an opposite effect on the product or service.
Here is an example of fundamental analysis when dealing with Forex. Let’s say an analyst with a given currency looks over the supply and demand for a particular country’s currency, products, or services. This is sometimes known as Merchandise Trade. They also need to study their management quality and their government policies. The analyst also needs to be aware of their historic and forecasted performance; the future plans and most important their shorter term plans; are all the economic indicators. The analyst uses this data to create a model and figure out the country’s current and forecasted value against another country’s currency. The way it works is that any unmatched currency increases in supply will depress the currency value, and at the same time unmatched currency increases in demand will increase a country’s currency value. After the analyst has done all of this, they will finally estimate the intrinsic value and compare it to the exchange rate at the moment. Only then will they decide whether the currency will rise or fall, both in the interim and in the long term.
One of the major problems in dealing with fundamental analysis accurately is having to measure the different relationships among multiple variables. At the end of the day the analyst will base their estimates on experience. Not only this, but the forex markets are able to predict events and dismiss them in the currency value ahead of time. The markets will tend to serve both as an advantage and as a disadvantage, it all depends on the time, and will actually recognize which exchange rates are out of line with their value. 
There are often a lot of economic indicators and there are even more private reports that all can be used to evaluate all the different fundamentals of the Forex. An analyst needs to be sure to take the time and not only look at all the different numbers, but study and understand what the numbers mean and how they will affect a nation’s economy. It will be different for every nation and numbers will mean different outcomes. When Forex fundamental analysis is used correctly, these forecast indicators can be an invaluable resource for any currency trader using Forex. 

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